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About Us

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  Sinopec Tenth Construction Co., Ltd. ("the Company") is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd.; it is located at Tangdaowan of the West Coast New Area of Qingdao, with registered capital of RMB 350 million and total assets of RMB 4 billion. The Company was founded in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province on January 9, 1953. It was formerly known as Taiyuan Engineering Company of Chemical Engineering Administration,Ministry of Heavy Industry. It was renamed as the Second Chemical Construction Company, Ministry of Chemical Industry in February 1965. Along with separation of the Company in October 1970, Shandong Chemical Petroleum Construction Company was founded in Shandong Province, and then renamed as the Tenth Chemical Construction Company, Ministry of Chemical Industry in October 1978. The Company was incorporated into Sinopec in August 1983, and was successively renamed as Tenth Construction Company of China Petrochemical Corporation, Sinopec Tenth Construction Company and Sinopec Tenth Construction Co., Ltd. The Company was relocated to Qingdao from Zibo in August 2014.

  The Company provides quality services for domestic and foreign customers in energy, chemical and other fields, it contracts the new construction, reconstruction and expansion, inspection and maintenance projects of oil refining, petrochemical, coal chemical, fine chemical, oil and gas storage and transportation, medicine, municipal administration, environmental protection, boiler, power station and power transmission and transformation, etc. Meanwhile, the Company conducts equipment manufacturing, large equipment hoisting and transportation, special machinery repair, engineering project management and supervision. It is the most competitive engineering enterprise contracting the construction of oil refining, ethylene, coal chemical industry, chemical fiber, large LNG and crude oil storage tanks, large equipment hoisting and other projects.

  The Company has class A qualification for general construction contracting of petrochemical projects, and has established the all-around, multilevel and wide-range talent structure, formed the leading core technology advantage in China in large storage tank installation, large equipment hoisting, installation and commissioning of large compressor unit, installation and commissioning of large electrical instrument control system, large cargo-handling machine repair, special material welding, etc., and has been identified as the national high-tech enterprise. The Company has gradually grown into an iron army in petrochemical engineering construction by virtue of quality talents, rich project construction and management experience, strong technology and equipment strength, and created the well-known "brand of Sinopec Tenth Construction Co., Ltd.".

  The Company has constructed many projects throughout China, has cumulatively completed hundreds of national key projects and more than 2,000 sets of large and medium-sized equipment, with quality projects constructed and successful first operation of all the projects, and has made an important contribution for the national energy and chemical industry development.

  The Company has entered the international market in 1991; with overseas business covering more than 10 countries in Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and others, it has established good cooperative relationship with many international well-known engineering companies.

  After many years of accumulation and development, the Company is now an extremely competitive large comprehensive engineering service provider with annual operating capacity of more than RMB 10 billion and annual average completion of more than 70 sets of equipment. The Company is successively awarded many honorary titles, including Special Honorary Enterprise in Luban Prize, National Excellent Construction Enterprise, National Advanced Enterprise in the Construction Industry, National Advanced General Contracting Enterprise in Construction Industry, National Best Construction Enterprise, National Advanced Enterprise in Scientific and Technological Progress and Technological Innovation, Most Promising Top 100 Enterprises in China Construction Industry, Provincial Civilized Enterprise, Top 100 Enterprises in Qingdao City.


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