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Social Responsibility
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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


Providing High-quality Service

  We always regard the customer's demand as our duty and the engineering quality as our life. We ensure that every link of the engineering meets professional standards by the strict quality control way. The Company adheres to the quality first and provides customers and society with high-quality, safe products and services relying on continuous improvement of quality management. The Company improves the system and enhances the service to realize the leading quality.

  The Company survives and develops based on customers. The Company will always be committed to meeting the requirements of customers, determine and understand the requirements of customers, laws and regulations, project engineering, quality management system, process and resources, and identify them, so as to meet the requirements of customers through the operation of quality management system. During the construction of the project, the Company will identify and deal with risks and opportunities by monitoring, measuring, communicating and analyzing the satisfaction information of customers and interested parties, and take measures to ensure that the project quality is up to standard, and strive to enhance customer satisfaction, thus continuously meeting the current and future needs and expectations of customers.

  The Technology and Quality Department of the Company promotes quality management by promoting scientific and technological progress, new technology and new process development, popularization and application. At present, the Company's medium and long-term quality objectives are to "improve the legal awareness, and implement continuous quality improvement relying on scientific and technological progress and management innovation, so as to fulfill contract commitments with 100% project quality qualification rate and 100% customer satisfaction rate, for maintaining the leading position in the industry".

  The Company has constructed many high-quality projects throughout China, has cumulatively completed hundreds of national key projects and almost 2,000 sets of large and medium-sized equipment, and has made an important contribution for the national energy industry and local economic and social development. The projects undertaken have been awarded more than 100 provincial and ministerial and above honors, among them, 5 projects were honored as Luban Prizes, 6 projects were honored as Gold Prizes for National Prime-quality Project, 22 projects were honored as National Quality Project Awards, over 100 projects were honored as Provincial and Ministerial Quality Project Awards, 3 projects were honored as "100 Classic and Excellent Projects in the Sixty Decades since the Founding of People's Republic of China”, 3 projects were honored as “100 Classic and Excellent Projects in the 35th Years of the Reform and Opening-up Policy”, and 3 projects were honored as “100 Classic Projects in the 40th Years of the Reform and Opening-up Policy”. The Company is successively awarded many honorary titles, including National Advanced Construction Enterprise, National Top 100 Enterprises with Comprehensive Strength in Construction, National Excellent Construction Enterprise, National Best Construction Enterprise, National Advanced Enterprise for Engineering Construction Quality Management, Special Honorary Enterprise in Luban Prize, National Advanced General Contracting Enterprise in Construction Industry, National Advanced Enterprise in the Construction Industry, National Excellent Enterprise in Installation Industry and National Advanced Enterprise in Scientific and Technological Progress and Technological Innovation in the 11th Five-Year Plan Period of China.

  The Company has established a project quality assurance system to implement the quality assurance efficiently and effectively in an orderly and practical way. The Company obtained the quality management system certification for the first time in 1997. Over the years, according to GB/T 19000/ISO 9000, GB/T 19001/ISO 9001 and GB/T 50430 standards, the Company conducts the internal audit of the quality management system for project departments, professional companies and departments and offices every year, and ensures that the quality management system operates normally without major quality accidents. The Company has continuously maintained the ISO9001 standard quality management system certification and UKAS certification.

  On the basis of improving the quality assurance system and ensuring the high quality of the project, we will grasp the development opportunity of the economy, society and related industries, give full play to the overall strength in the fields of petroleum refining, petrochemical industry and pharmaceutical and chemical industry, strengthen external cooperation closely, continuously build high-quality projects, and join hands with customers to achieve common growth.

Safe and Green Development

  Safe development and green development are the basis of our survival and sustainable development. It is the responsibility of every employee to do a good job in employee health, work safety, environmental protection and public safety. Excellent HSSE performance is the key to the success of the Company's production and operation.

  We attach great importance to HSSE work and comprehensively establish and implement the HSSE management system. We have established a set of HSSE management system covering the whole process of construction and production, which is combined with the actual situation of the enterprise and continuously improved. The Company adheres to the principle that "the principal is in charge and the business operator is in charge", takes strengthening the implementation of the responsibility system and system operation as the foundation, continuously adheres to the problem-solving oriented principle, continuously takes the direct operation link as the point of strength and breakthrough point, continuously takes the management improvement as the starting point, continuously strengthens the grassroots construction, basic work and grasping basic skills training in terms of safety, continuously strengthens the leading force, executive force and penetration, solidly promotes the deep integration of HSSE management system with production and operation, and HSSE responsibility and job responsibilities, strengthens the management of subcontractor HSSE, the ability of risk identification and emergency response, and the intrinsic safety ability and governance level, and continuously improves the competitiveness and performance of HSSE.

  As a responsible enterprise, safe and green construction and production is our bounden responsibility, and also our unremitting pursuit goal. We work to shape the enterprise safety culture as the core, and protect all employees, customers and the public within the area where the Company's business is located by establishing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the HSSE management system, so as to make the Company's HSSE management more excellent, and to escort the high quality development of the Company and provide better service for customers with excellent HSSE competitiveness and performance.

Caring Employees

  Employees are the most energetic, potential and precious resources of an enterprise, the creators of all enterprise values and the creators and inheritors of enterprise spirit. The history of our enterprise is a history of pioneering and struggle in which the vast number of employees forge ahead hand in hand. We strictly abide by relevant international and domestic conventions and laws, respect and safeguard all human rights, and actively advocate partners and suppliers to comply with relevant regulations.

  With the goal of promoting and maintaining employees' good health, we strictly implement local laws, regulations and policies on labor and employment, treat all kinds of employees equally, standardize labor and employment management, and establish harmonious and stable labor relations. We control occupational health hazards from the source, and effectively do a good job in monitoring occupational hazards in the workplace, occupational health monitoring of employees, provision of personal labor protection articles, and occupational health education and training. We carry out training throughout the whole process of employees' career, combine enterprise development with employees’ growth, enrich training contents, innovate training methods, and make unremitting efforts for employees' growth and success.

Giving Back to Customers Wholeheartedly

  The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the strong support from all sectors of society, and the development of the society cannot be separated from the careful feedback of the enterprise. While striving to create economic value, we always pay attention to people's livelihood and social progress, actively participate in public welfare undertakings, fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of "corporate citizens", vigorously promote the localization of employment, and contribute to local economic and social development and people's happiness.

  We always uphold the concept of taking from society and giving back to society. We actively advocate and participate in poverty alleviation and aid, disaster relief and poverty assistance, donations for education, harmonious community, health care, national fitness and other activities, and assume corporate social responsibility.

Overseas Social Responsibility

  We actively undertake overseas engineering construction, maximize the use of local talents, pay attention to the training of local employees, and directly or indirectly promote the employment of local project management, construction technology, construction operations and other related posts.

  Overseas employees are an important part of our workforce, which support our international development strategy. We care about the career growth, business training, health and safety of foreign employees, and we are committed to promoting the "Internationalization of Talents and Localization of Employment" and enabling them to play an increasingly important role.

  We have inculcated our strict quality control standards and green and low-carbon development concept in every employee, improved the management level and competitive strength of all subcontractors, promoted the local economic construction, and won the full recognition and respect of the local government, community residents, media and partners.

  While undertaking overseas engineering projects, we pay more attention to becoming an international corporate citizen, and turning overseas business development and implementation into building a "highly responsible, highly respected" and more international engineering construction enterprise. By adhering to the concept of "harmony and win-win", we communicate and cooperate deeply with overseas owners, local governments, local residents and media, and actively integrate into the local society, which has won the attention and recognition of the society.

  Green and low-carbon work is our important strategic development concept. During the expansion and implementation of overseas projects, we strictly abide by the environmental protection policies of the countries where the projects are located, and protect the local ecological environment to the greatest extent. We insist on operating in good faith according to laws, fully respect the different cultural beliefs and customs of different countries, actively carry out exchange activities with local employees, and earnestly fulfill the social responsibilities of a multinational enterprise.

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